What’s Your Digital Footprint?

In the digital age, every click, like, share, and search contributes to the trail

we leave behind in the vast expanse of the internet.

This invisible trail, known as our digital footprint, is a reflection of our online activities, preferences, and even our personal identities.

But how often do we stop to consider the size and impact of our digital footprint?

Our quiz designed to illuminate the contours of your online presence and

encourage you to think critically about your interactions with the digital world.

Your digital footprint, whether intentional or inadvertent, tells a story. It’s a narrative constructed by

your engagements online, from the mundane to the momentous.

As we delve into the questions, remember, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Each response sheds light on different facets of your digital persona, offering a unique opportunity to reflect on your online behaviour.

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What's Your Digital Footprint?
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So, are you ready to uncover the size of your digital footprint and what it reveals about you?