Is your cat a sociopath?

Cats often exhibit behaviours that are enigmatic and sometimes outright mischievous,

leading cat owners to joke about their pets’ “sociopathic” tendencies.

While we know our feline friends aren’t really sociopaths, their aloofness and complex personalities

can sometimes make you wonder!

Do they plot your minor inconveniences with glee?

Are their affections merely tactical manoeuvres for treats?

Or is your cat just being, well, a cat?

As you answer these playful questions, you’ll get a humorous look at whether your cat might be

the furry overlord of your household, or just a regular companion with typical catlike antics.

This quiz combines typical feline behaviours with a light-hearted approach to the concept of sociopathy in pets.

It’s designed for amusement and perhaps a little insight into the unique personality of your cat.

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Is your cat a sociopath?
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